Theatre Classes Offered at Bowie High School


Technical Theatre 1

Introductory survey course to the world of technical theatre. Students will survey the different aspects of technical theatre, including theatre safety, construction, painting, set design, costume design, stage makeup, mask making, scale modeling, stage lighting, sound design, and learning about the fly system.

Technical Theatre 2

Builds on the different aspects of technical theatre taught in the Tech Theatre 1 class, with more in depth work on the various aspects. Tech Theatre 2 students work on the Children’s Shows with the guidance of the Technical Directors.

Technical Theatre 3 & 4

This combined class of juniors and seniors hones skills in areas that the student is most interested in, and these students work to design and build the sets for Bowie’s Fall Shows, Musical, and Spring Shows.


Theatre Arts 1

Students in Theatre Arts 1 will demonstrate an understanding of the need for training the body and voice and demonstrate the ability to relax as a beginning of creative work. Students will develop a level of concentration and the ability to use their body and voice as a source of communication and utilize all of their resources to create and perform.

Theatre Arts 2

Students in Theatre Arts 2 will exhibit mastery of the skills necessary to use the body and voice in performance. Students will be able to discuss and perform selections of dramatic literature. They will also be able to analyze characters from dramatic literature and perform a variety of characters with varied motivations. Students will learn to accept and give constructive criticism as well as develop the ability to take direction from their peers.

Theatre Arts 3 & 4

Theatre Arts 3 & 4 projects are designed to help advanced theater students hone their performance skills and draw connections to the application of those skills to non-theatre activities.


Musical Theatre 1-4


Theatre Production

Theatre Production is an optional credit course taught after school and formally meets on Mondays for a 15-30 minute Production Meeting. Students in Theatre Production are expected to earn at least 37.5 hours per nine-week term working on STC productions. Opportunities to earn hours are discussed each Monday. The STC produces 5 show blocks throughout the academic year, so students in Theatre Production have many opportunities to earn the required hours. Students who are cast in a show will receive separate information about rehearsal dates and times.