Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the James Bowie High School Theatre classes and the Starlight Theatre Company (STC)?


Students may choose to take a theatre, musical theatre, or technical theatre class as part of their fine arts requirement, or as an elective because they enjoy it. Students who participate in after school productions, help at workdays, or attend Production Meetings are automatically considered a member of the Starlight Theatre Company.


What is the Theatre Production class? 


Theatre Production is an optional credit course taught after school and formally meets on Mondays for a 15-30 minute Production Meeting. Students in Theatre Production are expected to earn at least 37.5 hours per nine-week term working on STC productions. Opportunities to earn hours are discussed each Monday. The STC produces 5 show blocks throughout the academic year, so students in Theatre Production have many opportunities to earn the required hours. Students who are cast in a show will receive separate information about rehearsal dates and times.


Do you have to be in Theatre Production to be in a show?


The Theatre Production class is completely optional. Students can earn hours without being in the class.


Do you have to be in a theatre class to be in a show?


No. Auditions for shows are held after school, are separate from the theatre classes, and are open to all Bowie students.


What is a Show Block?


Since Bowie's theatre program has so many interested students, multiple shows are performed during a show block. There are five show blocks per year: Fall Shows, Theatre for Young Audiences (previously called Children's Shows), Fine Arts Musical, Spring Shows, and Senior One-Act Plays. In the Fall Shows show block, for example, there might be two different plays performed. In the Spring Shows show block, there are often three different plays performed, as well as a series of monologues. Show blocks offer more performance opportunities.


Fall Shows are typically classic American plays or Shakespeare. Theatre for Young Audiences (previously called Children's Shows) are short plays for elementary or middle school students directed by the Bowie students in the Student Director program. The Fine Arts Musical is our big musical for the year, and has traditionally involved choir and orchestra, as well as theatre. Spring Shows include the UIL One-Act Play, and a play directed by a UT student guest director. Senior One-Act Plays are one-act plays directed by the students in the Student Director program.


How do Season Passes work?


Season passes can be purchased as part of a membership only, unless you are a grandparent. One season pass gives you one seat at each of the five show blocks. For example, you will have one seat at the Fall Shows, one seat at the Theatre for Young Audiences Shows, one seat at the Musical, etc.


For all shows except the musical, you can just show your season pass at the door. The students at the ticket table will mark it for that show block, and then you keep it until the next one. You may sit wherever you choose.


The musical is the only show where assigned tickets are sold with actual seat numbers. For that, you will be able to choose your seats in advance, and will enter your season pass number instead of paying for that ticket. Season pass holders get priority seating, meaning you will have the first pick of seats for the musical before ticket sales open for everyone.


What are Production Fees?


Any time a student is part of the cast or crew for a Bowie production, a small production fee is asked of each student to help with costume and production costs. You will be able to pay your production fees via School Cash Online or by writing a check to the James Bowie Starlight Theatre Company.


What is STARS?


STARS is the Starlight Theatre Company end of year awards banquet. Students go all out for this event, dressing to match the theme (anything from formal to casual, but always dramatic) and arriving by class year to a valet parking, a long red carpet, sparkling cider in champagne flutes, and paparazzi. After all the classes have arrived, the students have dinner, followed by a couple of hours of awards and performances. Students must earn at least 50 hours working productions to be eligible to attend. Do not let your student miss this event! 


How does my student get a letter jacket?


STC Students qualify for a letter jacket after earning 200 hours working on or in Bowie's theatre productions. Many very active freshmen receive their letters at STARS at the end of their freshman year. Letter jackets can be ordered in the fall. The booster club will invite a representative to come to one of the first after-school production meetings in September to size students and take their orders and payment.


How can I get involved?
There are many ways to get involved in the STC!


What are Work Days?


Work days are typically held on Saturdays leading up to a show block. Parents and students are asked to come up to school and help in a variety of ways - painting sets, sewing costumes, clearing out the backstage area, etc. Our Volunteer Coordinator will send out a call for skills needed as we get closer to the day.