College Resources for Students Planning to Major in Theatre or Musical Theatre

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B.A. vs. BFA: Which Degree Is Right for Your Acting Career?


To BFA or Not to BFA – Is That the Question?



Colleges and Universities


List of Colleges with Acting and Musical Theatre degrees


This list is does not cover every school that offers a degree in theatre, acting, or MT. However, you will find that the schools listed are the best known for their theatre programs. We also share which schools are statistically the more challenging to get into.


Choosing the Right College for You


How to Choose a College That's Right for You


10 Steps to Choosing the Right College





The best time to start planning to apply to a theatre or musical theatre program is junior year. Here is month-by-month advice from two Bowie theatre parents -- one who started junior year and hired a coach, and one who started senior year and did everything on their own.


And for those who waited until senior year, here is a very condensed plan for applying. 



Audition Material Resources


New Play Exchange


39 Great Monologues for Women


27 One-Minute Monologues for Women


41 Great Monologues for Men


Adult Male Monologues



Audition Filming Resources


8 Tips for Filming Your Prescreen Videos


10 Tips to Filming Your College Prescreens Like a Pro


How to Create an Awesome Prescreen Recording



Wild Card Video Resources


What to do for Your Wild Card Video


TikTok Wild Card Videos



Audition Book Resources


How to Create a Stellar Audition Book


Audition Book Checklist


How to Prepare Your Audition Book



Books About the Process


I Got In! by Mary Anna Dennard


Acting the Song by Allison Bergman and Tracey Moore