STCBC Scholarship

2024 STCBC Scholarship Application


The Starlight Theatre Company Booster Club (STCBC) issues scholarships to senior STC students who have shown remarkable dedication and growth as members of the Starlight Theatre Company. The scholarship is intended to support their future endeavors after graduation from James Bowie High School. It is a monetary award issued by check directly to the scholarship recipient on the evening of the STARS awards celebration in May. 


Students are eligible for the STCBC scholarship if:

  • The student, their parents, or their guardian joined the Starlight Theatre Company Booster Club on or before October 3, 2023. 
  • The student is an active member of the Starlight Theatre Company.

Students who meet the above eligibility requirements may submit a scholarship application, which includes a one-page essay, their transcript, and two checked acknowledgments, on or before the specified deadline. (Transcripts can be obtained through Naviance.)


Scholarship applications are reviewed and scored by the STCBC Scholarship Committee. Up to 100 points are awarded in the following five categories: 

  1. STC Hours as documented on the scholarship application and verified by a Theatre Director. Eligible hours are those accrued for all grading periods of the freshman, sophomore, and junior years, and from the first through the third nine-week grading periods of the senior year. (Maximum points: 35)

  2. Grade point average as documented on the applicant’s transcript. (Maximum points: 5)

  3. Years as a member of the STC as documented on the scholarship application. (Maximum points: 20)

  4. Essay (Maximum points: 25)

  5. Teacher evaluation (Maximum points: 15)

The Scholarship Applicant must receive a composite score of 70 points or greater in the five categories to be eligible for a scholarship. The monetary scholarship amounts awarded vary from year to year as determined by the STCBC budget and the Starlight Theatre Scholarship Committee.

Timeline for the 2023-2024 STCBC Scholarship Applications:


March 22, 2024: Scholarship applications available online on the booster website,


April 12, 2024 by midnight: Deadline for online submission of complete scholarship applications, essays and transcripts.


Scholarships are awarded at the Starlight Theatre Company STARS awards event in May.


Please contact Marci Motes, STCBC Scholarship Coordinator, if you have any questions.